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By day I am a marketing professional for small businesses. I love to find and re-purpose forgotten objects, furniture and household items, turning them into usable stuff. I find interesting items at tag sales, flea markets and sometimes even thrown away along the side of the road. If I can find a use for something, I'll pick it up if it's the right price.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Good Bye Pink Tile, Hello Coastal Cottage

My cape cod style home was built in the 1940's and has been a work in progress.  I have always had a love-hate relationship with the downstairs bathroom which was covered with UGLY Pink Tile covering half the walls.  I began researching ways to paint the tile, rather than replace it and started a Pinterest board on some options.  (I know I should have taken some before pics but once I started the project it seemed too late.)   Anyway, here's what I did.

1)  I slipped on a pair of rubber gloves and thoroughly scrubbed the tile down with a mixture of TSP and warm water and let it dry thoroughly.
 2)   Using a 3" foam roller, I applied a coat of Benjamin Moore latex white adhesive primer over the tile, including the built in soap dishes, etc.  I also decided to paint the dark woodwork around the windows and the ugly medicine cabinet using the same adhesive primer to avoid a lot of scraping.

3)  After letting the primer dry thoroughly for a few days, I applied a coat of Benjamin Moore Brilliant White latex paint with my foam roller, being careful to outline the tiles veritically and horizontally before painting the surfaces to make sure I covered the grout well.  Again, I let the paint dry for a couple of days.  (No one was thrilled with having the bathroom off limits AGAIN)

4)  Finally, I applied a coat of latex polyurethane to provide additional strength and let that dry another couple of days, then primed and painted the upper walls with Benjamin Moore Jamaican Blue (kind of a Tiffany Blue color).  

A quick trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond provided the off white cotton shower curtain, and Walmart for a tan runner (kind of looks like beach sand) and lacy white cafe curtains and tan hand towels, my own wicker basket and antique nightstand, plus a few accessories including a sea shell and a little beach print that I had completed the design. 

I felt a little sad about the demise of the Pink Tile, so  I made a wall decoration from three of the leftover tiles we had in the basement to help me remember just how much I hated them.