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By day I am a marketing professional for small businesses. I love to find and re-purpose forgotten objects, furniture and household items, turning them into usable stuff. I find interesting items at tag sales, flea markets and sometimes even thrown away along the side of the road. If I can find a use for something, I'll pick it up if it's the right price.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Gate-Legged Drop Leaf Dining Room Table Gets A Facelift

I picked up this gate-legged drop leaf dining room table at a tag sale in Branford, CT.  The garage and shed were loaded with tools and many pieces of furniture.  I almost walked past the table as it was underneath some boxes of rusty nails.  The family was in the process of cleaning out the house and I was able to get the table for $10.00.  I know - a steal.  (This is a picture of the "before")  Sorry about the sun glare.


I thought it would make the perfect "apartment sized" kitchen table, or maybe a work station.  It looked so cute all folded up! It is seriously heavy though.  Not sure I'd like to lug it up to a second floor apartment.

The legs were in really good shape with a sturdy base.

I began to sand the veneer top lightly using 3M stripping sandpaper, being careful to remove a few stains and scuff marks.

After the top was sanded, I applied a soft, damp cloth to remove the remaining dust and check for spots that needed to be touched up.  I haven't decided whether to stain the top or just seal it, but here it is.