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By day I am a marketing professional for small businesses. I love to find and re-purpose forgotten objects, furniture and household items, turning them into usable stuff. I find interesting items at tag sales, flea markets and sometimes even thrown away along the side of the road. If I can find a use for something, I'll pick it up if it's the right price.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Antique Pine Student Desk Take 2

My daughter is moving into her first apartment which gave me the excuse to hunt down some treasures, synonymous with hit the tag sale circuit. My mission? Find a light weight desk and chair in good shape.  It was almost too easy as I spotted this old pine student desk at my very first stop.  I handed over my $4.00 and continued my search.  At the last sale of the day I finally found what I was looking for -- a plain pine desk chair that was not wobbly for $3.00.

The desk was really in good shape and clean. The knobs were mismatched and there was some writing and scratch marks on the top, but other than that, it looked like a great DIY furniture project.  1.  I started by sanding the top and drawer fronts. 2. A light coating of MinWax (maple) was applied to the top and drawer fronts which I left it to dry while turning my attention to the chair.  

3.  Originally I though of sanding the seat of the chair and applying MinWax, but decided in the end to paint the entire chair a glossy black.  4.  Back to the desk, I painted the base, sides and drawer knobs black, kind of Hitchcock style.  5.  The final step was to apply a coat of polyurethane to the desktop to make it easier to keep clean.

Total cost for the project:  $7.00 plus paint, stain and brushes

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